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Hard back book, 256 pages, written by Trish Burr and Published by Milner Craft Series.

Excellent reference book for how to use different colours together for flowers in needle painting - long and short stitch.

The book also has some intermediate and advanced long and short stitch projects of flowers and birds. The projects do not have diagrams on how to stitch each petal and leaf of the flowers like you will get when you purchase one of my needle painting kits but it is a good book if you have worked a few of my designs and are now familiar with the technique and would like some more flower and bird designs to stitch. I think that the flowers and birds have a nice artistic quality.

To try one of my needle painting kits visit the following page of my website: Needle Painting Kits


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Soft back book, 127 pages, by Denise Giles published by Krause Publications.

Designer Denise Giles has taken the classic needle art of candlewicking and updated it for today's home.

Designs use colored embroidery floss, silk ribbon, embroidery stitches and of course French knots.

Simple enough for the beginner with full size patterns, beautifully styled photography and step by step instructions offer further incentive to start stitching today.


Contemporary Candlewick Embroidery Book: $32.99 Canadian Dollars

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Soft back book, 48 pages, by Pearl Louise Krush, published by House of White Birches.

Redwork is the working of simple embroidery stitches such as stem stitch, back stitch and French Knots on a white background to form line drawings in needle and thread.

There are eight projects to work. Designs feature a snowman, Christmas tree, doves, bird houses and candle with birds. The designs make a great compliment for quilts or can be worked individually for greeting cards, tea towels, pillow cases and pictures.

This is a good book for beginners in surface hand embroidery as designs work up quickly and are simple to stitch.


Redwork - Winter Twitterings: $11.95 Canadian Dollars

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Soft back book, 160 pages, by Yvette Stanton, published by Vetty Creations

This is a must have book for left-handed embroiderers.

The book has beautiful colour diagrams of over 170 different hand embroidery stitches for the left-hander.

Discover how to learn and master new stitches when the instructions are written specifically for the left-handers. Work surface stitches, needle point and counted thread stitches in a step-by-step format.


The Left-Handed Embroiderers Companion: $35.95 Canadian Dollars

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Letters To Jennifer




Photograph of Siamese Cats


Embroidery of Siamese Cats

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Oliver and Maudie

Oliver and Maudie, Siamese cats have been commissioned by Sharon Gray to be worked as a cover picture for the book she is putting together, the following explains the reason for writing the book, the book will benefit cancer research.

Sadly Jennifer has left us now. Jennifer and all those who have suffered from Cancer are in our hearts.

The book is now available at McNally Robinson bookstores this would make a great gift and 20% of the book sales profits will be donated to Cancer Research and/or other cancer related organizations, be sure to pick up a copy at you local McNally Robinson bookstore.

  • Book Title: Letters To Jennifer

  • Author: Oliver and Maudie Gray, Sharon Gray

  • ISBN: 0-9686942-2-5

  • Publisher: Avililo Press, Po Box 897, Teulon, Manitoba, R0C 3B0, Canada

  • Book details: Paper back, 90 pages, 8 inch by 6 inch.


In the early eighties, I met Jennifer and we became friends.

The first time she came to my home she met Basil and Sage, my two Siamese cats.  She looked at them and said, "I am a dog person."

Over time she accepted them, particularly Basil.  They frequently shared taco flavoured chips on the kitchen floor.

She move away, met Ted and married him.  Ted was living with two gentlemen cats, Norman and Charlie.  Of course, she became a "cat person."

We remained friends. Over time we became employees of the same company and Jennifer was my supervisor, living in another city.  I was now living with Oliver and Maudie, two Siamese cats.  At this time I was experiencing health difficulties and I ask her if she would care for Oliver and Maudie if anything happened to me.  She said that she would be delighted.

Whenever we met, she would ask:  "How are my niece and nephew?"  Those who heard this would not realize that we were discussing two very spoiled cats.

In October 1999, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer and had one breast removed and started on a journey of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  Christmas that year, a parcel arrived with Christmas presents for Oliver and Maudie from "Auntie Jennifer".  I was overwhelmed by this kind, thoughtful act.  Of course, they had to write a letter of thank you.

She told me that she really enjoyed the Christmas thank you letter.  Ergo, the first of more than thirty Letters to Jennifer from Oliver and Maudie.

The letters were a non-threatening, non- invasive way of keeping in touch with her during this difficult time.  A letter was written for each treatment that she received.  In humour, Oliver and Maudie describe their lives - living with Lip (live in person), their neighbours, events and generally their philosophy on life.  Often, Jennifer said that she enjoyed the letters and although she did not look forward to treatments, she anticipated that a letter from Oliver and Maudie would be coming shortly after.

Jennifer - and others who have read them - urged that the letters be published and for her they will be.  Twenty percent of any profits will be given to Cancer Research.


Height: 4 inches (10 cm)     Width: 4 inches (10 cm)


57 hours


14 shades of DMC floss.


Bone white Thai silk, painted with silk fabric paints.

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