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Introductory to Blackwork - Butterfly - On-Line Class Pictures

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Blackwork Elephant Students Pictures

Blackwork Butterfly Introductory Piece

"The butterfly was my first attempt at tissue-design transfer, and a good introduction to working with the metal threads. Your instructions were very thorough"

Blackwork Butterfly Stitched by Elizabeth Hoerning in NY USA

Blackwork Butterfly Kit

Blackwork Chickadee

"Andree worked the blackwork Chickadee on silk gauze so the embroidery is reversible - truly impressive - Tanja"

Blackwork Chickadee worked by Andree Domeyne in France

Blackwork Chickadee Kit

Blackwork Chickadee

"Tanja: Lots of luck with your website. I have benefited greatly from your instruction.



Margaret Randell in Newfoundland, Canada

Blackwork Chickadee Kit

Blackwork Chickadee

"I wanted to do this advanced Blackwork piece to test myself, learn more patterns and prepare for Tanja's Elephant Cyber Class next year. Working Chickadee certainly challenged and extended my Blackwork embroidery skills. Chickadee was a joy to do and I fell in love with him more and more as he was emerging from the material. Once again Tanja's kit instructions and online support was outstanding."

Embroidered by Melanie Usher in Queensland, Australia

Blackwork Chickadee Kit

Blackwork Embroideries Worked by Mr Dawson in the UK



Click on Pictures for Enlargements

1. Fuchsia worked winter 2004

2. Flight of a Butterfly worked winter 2005

3. Peacock worked winter 2006

4. Kingfisher worked winter 2008

5. Pheasants worked in 2010

"Granddad has always found it amazing how it is possible to get so many different patterns out of, what is principally a square grid.

He appreciates 'pure' blackwork very much and will sometimes leave out the couching and trimmings so the design remains more 'traditional'.

He found the butterfly the most complicated and yet so very rewarding, the clean lines of this design and the lace-like detail is fabulous. The Peacock is maybe the favourite though (and mine too) as it's a very full design and yet so very elegant.

Granddad was 87 this Feb (2008) and is not sure if he'll be able to do another black work project (you do need a lot of eye-power!) but he has thoroughly enjoyed your designs Tanja - thank you!"  Emma Dawson

In 2010 at 89 years of age Mr Dawson worked the Blackwork Pheasants opposite. An inspiration to all who stitch.

Blackwork Embroideries worked by Mr Dawson in the UK

Blackwork Kits

Blackwork Butterfly - Flight of a Butterfly

"This was my first ever attempt at Blackwork and I was a little nervous starting out. However, with Tanja's teaching and extremely detailed instructions I had no problems following what I was supposed to do. I'm extremely happy with the end result and recently won 1st place when I entered the 2014 Royal Canberra Show. I love the blackwork technique and intend to expand my collection with more of Tanja's beautiful designs"

 Stitched by Sharon Burrell, Canberra, Australia

Flight of a Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Butterfly - Flight of a Butterfly

Blackwork Butterfly Worked by Helen Gordon in Ontario, Canada


Flight of a Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Butterfly - Flight of a Butterfly

"I love my “Flight of a Butterfly!”

This piece is an exquisite blackwork design which incorporates some beginning goldwork techniques to beautifully accent the butterfly.  This piece has solidified my love for blackwork.  Tanja is an excellent teacher and her instructions are very thorough and easy to understand"

Mary Doerder in Iowa, USA

Flight of a Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Butterfly - Flight of a Butterfly

"This project was my first try at blackwork.  I took it at a class in Olds, AB.  Tanja's detailed instructions and attention to her pupils allowed me to achieve success with this piece, which is quite complex.  I entered it in the exhibition of handwork at the Calgary Stampede"

Nancy Shamanna in Alberta, Canada

Flight of a Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Butterfly - Flight of a Butterfly


"I accidentally did Tanja's Flight of the Butterfly class at the Koala Convention Brisbane Qld in 2013.. I had originally booked into a different class and put this class as a 'second choice'. I had never done Blackwork before and was amazed at how quickly I fell in love with this style of embroidery. I love Tanja's work... her artistic ability is amazing. I have really benefited from Tanja's commitment to teaching and supporting me since then and look forward to her next visit to Australia."

Melanie Usher in Queensland, Australia

Flight of a Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Butterfly - Spectral Butterfly

"The embroidery was reduced to  6 1/2cm and was stitched in au ver a soi silk  and gold thread on 32 count Lugaua.  I think your beautiful design would make any size look stunning."

Lesley Maher in Australia


Spectral Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Butterfly - Spectral Butterfly

"My Penpal in Tasmania knew I loved Butterflies and saw the picture in an Australian  Magazine and sent me the kit. This was my first Blackwork and I found it a pleasure to work. I love it and am looking forward to working the Flight of a Butterfly to make the pair"

Linda Cooper in Norfolk, England


Spectral Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Butterfly - Spectral Butterfly

Red Spectral Butterfly Worked by 14 Year Old Talitha Cote in Montreal, Canada


Spectral Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Butterfly - Spectral Butterfly

"I was a bit challenged by this blackwork at first and decided to use a different count (28 instead of 32) to complete the work. This made the task a lot easier and the result larger. I thought I would like to make the butterfly like the blue butterflies so common in my garden so I also altered the threads and used Kreinik metallics braid (006 and 051HL) in the wings. This is the result.”

Stitched by Elizabeth Meakin in NSW, Australia

Spectral Buttefly Kit

Blackwork Etui Box

"This box was stitched and constructed as a gift for my grown daughter. The "sampler" of patterns was such a delightful introduction to blackwork. I truly enjoyed working your designs, watching the patterns fade away beneath my needle as if by magic. Finishing the panels, one at a time, encouraged me to keep on with the project to completion, and I look forward to much more blackwork in my future!"


Blackwork Etui Box Stitched and Made by Elizabeth Hoerning in NY USA


Blackwork Etui Box Kit

Blackwork Heart

"I adapted your lovely blackwork heart designs to make a sachet for my daughter. I had no pearl purl, so used a scrap of crewel yarn to couch the outline of the heart. I made a little pillow of lavender to insert in the linen cover. I worked the design on a single piece of 32-count linen, stitching the lettering sideways on the portion of the cloth which was to be folded back. Before assembling the sachet, I stitched a piece of muslin to the back of the stitchery, to protect it. With another piece of muslin I made a little pillow and filled it with lavender. Then I cut the linen down to size, turned the ends under, folded them back (right sides together) over the stitchery, and stitched along the long edges of the design, to make a French backing. Then I trimmed the seams, turned the pillowcase right-side out, and inserted the lavender pillow. I enjoy working your designs very much; your instructions are clear and a pleasure to follow"

Embroidered by Elizabeth Hoerning in NY USA


Free Instructions for the Blackwork Heart

Blackwork Etui Box

The patterns of the Blackwork Etui Box was worked with verigated embroidery cottons on 32 count antique white linen fabric. The patterns were complimented with a beautiful cotton quilting fabric for the inside panels.


Worked by a member of the Embroiderers Association of Canada Guild


Blackwork Etui Box Kit

Blackwork Kingfisher

"I have finished the blackwork kingfisher embroidery. It was fun to do, and the result pleases me a lot. It is a beautiful kit, I liked it very much. I didn't embroider it exactly as described, because I made a mistake with the transfer and I had to improvise a little bit. Also I gave the kingfisher a reddish breast and mask, because the kingfishers over here look like that."


Embroidered by Birgit Waldeck in Frankfurt, Germany


Blackwork Kingfisher

Blackwork Love Birds "Just the Two of us"

"This was my first attempt with Blackwork. I fell in love with the piece the moment I saw it and had to give it a try. Their curious little eyes taunt you as if to say "Do you think you could stitch us?". Looking forward to working on some more."

Stitched by Lyn Klaman in IL, USA


Blackwork Love Birds Kit

Blackwork Love Birds "Just the Two of us"

"It was the first time I have ever done any Black work and at first it was a challenge until I really understood your excellent instructions and  then  I really enjoyed the embroidery,thanks for all your help in starting out."

Stitched by Ro Wood in Sydney, Australia


Blackwork Love Birds Kit

Blackwork Love Birds "What you Looking At?"

" I loved doing the piece and found the instructions easy to follow"

Stitched by Linda Brenner in BC, Canada


Blackwork Love Birds Kit

Blackwork Love Birds "What you Looking at?"

"The Simcoe County Embroidery Guild (SCEG) group of 3 with our finished Lovebirds from your wonderful Seminar 2014 course.  As you can see, all were framed in different ways.  Mine was in the oval frame with convex glass so the glare from the sun was being reflected more than in the flat glass frames.  We were all thrilled with the finished products and we even named our birds&ldots;.mine were Fred & Florence, Donna (on the left) named hers Sweetums & Precious, and Chris named hers Pedro & Prudence!  We just thought they deserved names!

My nephew and his bride were thrilled with a most unique and beautiful picture which commemorates their wedding day&ldots;.which was great.

Thanks again for being a great teacher and a wonderful designer....Cheryl"

Stitched by Donna, Cheryl and Chris from Ontario, Canada


Blackwork Love Birds Kit


Blackwork Peacock

"It was so fun to watch this beautiful peacock emerge from a piece of fabric and various threads. I enjoy the challenge and the result of Blackwork embroidery."


Carol Cross in the USA


Blackwork Peacock Kit

Blackwork Peacock

"I just appreciated the opportunity to stitch the piece and learn how to incorporate blackwork in a non-traditional way."


Stitched by Nicole Gammie in NSW, Australia


Blackwork Peacock Kit

Blackwork Peacock

Stitched by Diane Gershman in Manitoba, Canada


Blackwork Peacock Kit

Blackwork Peacock

"His has been named 'Pee' and  he hangs at the bottom of the stairs, in the hallway.  He is either a flirt or a spy as he winks or stares when the light catches his eye.  Every one who sees him is quite taken by his "eye movement".  I am so pleased he cannot talk.  He was a delight to work and I will enjoy him in his own quiet way."

Sharon Gray in Manitoba, Canada


Blackwork Peacock Kit

Blackwork Peacock

"I really enjoyed this challenge and learnt a lot of new skills including making the various patterns fit the outline of the peacock. The instructions were very detailed and, as such, an enormous help. I am very pleased with the end result. Thank you Tanja."


Elizabeth Meakin in NSW, Australia


Blackwork Peacock Kit

Blackwork Peacock

"This peacock, for me, was a challenge to stitch. However, once I began, I couldn’t stop until it was finished. I loved the metallic threads, but admit I changed the gold to more of a copper color, and used the HL version of the green. The fabric was 32-count bay rum jobelan (a warm cream). These colors matched our home better (plus I love to personalize). The star was added to cover a pencil smudge, very appropriate since I thought I deserved at least a silver star for completing the piece. If it had been my own design (oh, how I wish), I would have deserved a gold star, which is what Tanja deserves for her designs."

Pat Niehoff in New York, USA


Blackwork Peacock Kit

Blackwork Peacock

"The peacock was my first attempt at this type of blackwork.  I found the design challenging and fun to stitch.  Now I'm looking forward to stitching the elephant!"

Alissa Rosenberg in Florida, USA


Blackwork Peacock Kit


Blackwork Peacock

"Once again I thoroughly enjoyed working the peacock. Tanja's kit instructions and speedy online feedback, every step of the way and 'when I had hiccups',  guided me to this very lovely outcome.  The photos of the peacock do not do him justice... he is far more beautiful in real life. Thank you Tanja"

Embroidered by Melanie Usher in Queensland, Australia


Blackwork Peacock Kit

Blackwork Pheasants

"The pheasants are worked from Tanja's kit as my first try of the tissue paper transfer method for blackwork and in preparation for her on-line "Cats" class. Her instructions are very clear and detailed and I learnt a lot. Lovely kit and materials"

Embroidered by Dorothy in Scotland


Blackwork Pheasants Kit

Blackwork Star

"I had a lot of fun with this piece.  I love the sparkle"

Blackwork Star embroidered by Debbie Henz in CA, USA


Blackwork Star Kit

If you would like to have a picture of your embroidery of one of my designs on this webpage please email me with your picture(s) and message, thanks, Tanja

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