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Baby Wren

Apple Blossoms


Cat - Blackwork

Baby Burrowing Owl

Blossom Branch


Elephant (Blackwork)

Bird of Paradise

Blue Bonnet

Bee - Carrickmacross Lace

Field Mouse

Blue Penguin

Blue Flax

Butterfly Blackwork 1

Fox - Red

Burrowing Owl

Floral Motif

Butterfly Blackwork 2




Butterflies Shadow Work

Grizzly Bear

Chickadee on Blossom Branch


Canada Flag


Chickadee on Mossy Branch


Carrickacross Lace Samples


Chickadee (Blackwork)

Iris Commission


Hare 2

Eastern Blue Bird on Blossom Branch

Iris Needle Painting Kit

Crab and Shells


Eastern Blue Bird on Pine Branch

Iris Shadow Work




Iris Applique

Dagonfly - Goldr

Labrador Canvas

Great Horned Owl

Leaf Motif





Goldwork Sampler



Maple Leaf


Pug Dog

Hummingbirds - Blackwork

5 Maple Leaves


Rabbits - Assisi




Rabbits - Blackwork


Morning Glories

Moorish Idol

Rabbit - Jack (Hare)




Rabbit - Wild


Peony Type Dahlia

Peacock Feather



Shasta Daisy


Sea Otter

Pygmy Owl

Tropical Flower


Sheep Dog


Tudor Rose


Shih Tzu Bichon Dog: Oakley

Red Poll

Tulip Goldwork

Punch and Judy

Shih Tzu Bichon Dog:  Roxy


Tulip Shadow Work

Quail - Carrickmacross Lace

Shih Tzu Bichon Dog: Teko

Robin on Berry Branch

Wild Rose


Siamese Cat

Robin on Blossom Branch


Siamese Cats

Robin in Grass

Still Life Goldwork

Spaniel Cross

Song Bird

Tree Frog

Spaniels - King Charles


Tree Motif


Tree of  Life


Wedding dress


Applique: Pieces of fabric are cut out and applied to a background creating a design. Fabrics can be padded for more dimension and embellished with embroidery stitches.

Assisi: Assisi or voided work is any embroidery where the design is left open and unworked and the surrounding area is worked to create a "void".

Blackwork: Patterns are embroidered in back stitch or running stitch, counted over the threads of linen or other counted fabric.

Blackwork with Goldwork: Blackwork with Goldwork is a fun technique creating a contemporary look with the combination of counted thread embroidery and surface embroidery.

Canvas Work: Painted canvasses are embroidered in continental tent stitch (half cross stitch) or a variety of different counted canvas work patterns.

Carrickmacross Lace: Fine and dimensional looking technique where a cord is couched down over a layer of cotton organdie with a layer of net underneath. Areas of the cotton organdie are cut away leaving just the net. On the net, buttonhole stitch or net patterns are worked. Edges of the design are outlined with a picot stitch - cord sewn down to form loops.

Cross Stitch Meets Blackwork: Patterns are embroidered in cross-stitch and back stitch or running stitch, counted over the threads of linen or other counted fabric.

Etui box: An embroidery box that falls open when the lid is removed revealing eight inside panels. Pins and needles can be pinned to the panels, needle threader, thimble and small scissors can be kept inside.

Fine White Work: Surface embroidery stitches are worked on two layers of shadow linen with a layer of net sandwiched between. When the embroidery stitches are complete layers of linen fabric are cut away giving the embroidery different tones of white creating depth. Pulled work is used on the single layer of linen.

Goldwork: A 3-dimensional embroidery is created by sewing down felt and string for padding. Over the top, a variety of Gold metal threads are applied. In some of the embroideries a complementary silk floss is used to sew down the gold threads.

Hapsburg Lace: Lacy stitch patterns are counted over mono thread canvas (canvas with single horizontal and vertical threads). Beads and ribbons are added to the embroidery to make a very pretty and interesting piece.

Mountmellick: Different thickness of white embroidery threads are embroidered onto a white cotton fabric in a variety of free embroidery stitches.

Modern Jacobean: Organza fabrics are applied to a silk fabric, over the top and on the rest of the design, embroidery floss and blending filament is used to work free embroidery stitches.

Needle painting: Also known as silk shading is worked with long and short stitches, blending colours together to create realistic embroideries.

Pulled Work: Embroidery patterns are counted onto open linen fabric (28 threads to the inch) and pulled tight so that the threads of the linen pull together creating holes and interesting patterns.

Shadow Applique: Easy to embroider two sided technique. Pieces of coloured fabric are tacked to one side of a piece of organza fabric. On the other side a punch stitch or a pin stitch, is worked along the lines of the design sewing the coloured fabric to the organza fabric. When the coloured fabric is sewn in place the excess fabric is trimmed away.

Shadow Trapunto Applique: A piece of organza fabric is sewn onto a piece of furnishing fabric, using back stitches along the lines of the design. When the back stitch is complete, slits are cut in the back of the furnishing fabric, then coloured wools are stuffed between the organza fabric and the furnishing fabric, creating a colourful padded picture.

Shadow Work: Easy to embroider two sided technique. A design with narrow stripes is worked with a backstitch on the front of the work, on the back a herringbone stitch is created which shows through at the front as an opaque band.

Traditional Jacobean: Free embroidery stitches are embroidered using crewel wool on twill fabric.

White Work: See Carrickmacross lace, Mountmellick and fine white work.

I offer embroidery commissions and classes in all types of embroidery, please Contact me for any requests.

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