Below is the Work in Progess pictures of a Iris worked in the method of Needle painting.

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Iris 1.


Iris 2.


Iris 3.


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The iris is worked in the method of needle painting which is the blending of straight long and short stitches using different shades of DMC floss.

The white silk background fabric was hand painted to an off - white. The outline of the Iris is traced on to tracing paper and then transferred onto the fabric using the prick and pounce method.

The design was hand drawn onto the fabric using a mechanical HB pencil.

The background areas of the embroidery are embroidered first. The two leaves are embroidered as they come behind the petals of the Iris, in long and short stitch using 5 shades of green. The small leaves are worked and then the main stem of the Iris working the stem from the top to the bottom.

The most behind petals of the Iris are worked next beginning on the edge of the petal working into the center in 4 shades of purple in long and short stitch.

The bud and bud stem are worked next and then the most foreground leaves. Some of the middle ground petals are worked and the petal stamens.

Finally the front petals are worked long and short stitch and the remaining stamens in French Knots.


Height: 5 inches (12 1/2 cm)     Width: 3 1/2 inches (9 cm)


4 hours


22 1/4 Hours


Smooth good quality 100% cotton muslin Fabric: Southern Belle


16 shades of DMC floss.

Iris 4.                                                Iris 5.


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