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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

If you are on a Mac book or Apple computer please visit the following website which has step by step instructions and photographs on how to reduce the size of the picture. You can make the width of the picture 10 inches and the resolution 72 pixels/inches and leave everything else:


Tips for reducing the size of your picture on a Microsoft Personal Computer or Laptop: On a personal computer or laptop you can reduce the size of your picture by right clicking on the picture and selecting Edit.

This will open the picture in Paint in the menu click on Resize

Under resize select Pixels and change the Horizontal/Width to 800, everything else you can leave.

Then click on File in the menu and Save your picture. If you click Save it will override your original picture with the smaller picture. If you click Save as you can save it as a new picture and keep the original size picture.


Tips for reducing the size of your picture on a iPad or iphone: Open the picture in your photo gallery. Click on the share symbol which is in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and select Mail. Email the picture to yourself and choose the medium option for emailing the picture and then open the email and save the photo from your email to your photo album and use this new smaller photo to upload to the forum.


If you have difficulties posting a picture on the forum, you can email me [email protected] the picture and I will insert it into your forum message for you, Tanja.