Reply To: Jill’s Progess



Hi Tanja, Somehow I think I reversed the angle of my stitches at the 2nd point of the 3 points.

There is a small vertical stitch filling in a gap on the bottom point.  I was not going to take out the area at the 3rd point as the bird and French knots may hide it.

Now after a few days I think I understand much better as diagrams 5a and 6a in the instructions show very clearly how the angles of the stitches are different in the points that stick out of the branch.  I see now that the points at the top should not need small stitches like the largest point lower down that I have not got to yet.

Should I take out some stitches and if so how far back should I go?

I don’t know if you can see the angle of the stitches in this photo as I can’t very well even if I enlarge the webpage in google chrome so the photo enlarges.

I will send another photo by email.  It is overexposed and shows the angle of the stitches better but when I upload to the class website it comes out with the exposure corrected and looks the same as this photo (I tried uploading it twice).

Thank you, Jill

Jill 2nd photo