Reply To: Kristin’s progress


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Kristin

Beautiful stitching you are doing such a great job.

You changed the angle a bit sooner than I did which isn’t really an issue it just means that you will have more long and short stitch to do as you work down the section.

You can continue working the section in satin stitch at the angle that you have it and then long and short stitch and change back to satin stitch in approximately the same position I did as shown in the diagrams and photographs.

The angle of the stitches in the dark brown section can be different from mine, the satin stitch and long and short stitches are just a method of filling in the section. Once the stitching is done you will have French knots bordering one side and the bird bordering the other side and you’re not going notice the stitches anymore you’re just going to see a dark brown color area.