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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Catherine

You have good control of the angle, well done! this is one of the trickiest things to do. A few things to point out for you:

Some of your stitches are not quite close enough together, I have pointed with some arrows to show you. The spaces between the two long stitches should be a stitch width apart and some of them are a bit wider than a stitch width apart, A problem can occur on the next row when you start splitting the stitches of the first row, the first row of stitches can get pushed around a bit and sometimes spaces will develop between the stitches if the are not really close together. I suggest you add in some stitches I have drawn them in in pink, this will just make the first row a bit fuller.

There is a space between the bottom of the pink stitches that I have circled in green and the dark brown satin stitch which doesn’t look good. You can either take out those stitches and re-stitch it or put some stitches over top to make sure that gap is filled.

At the top of the row where I have drawn the blue line, the long stitches should have gone to the blue line which is halfway into the 2nd row. You should follow the curve of the row with the long stitches, you worked the long stitches to the same distance instead of following the curve so the long stitches got a bit short. It is better when the stitches are a bit longer as it will be easier to work long and short stitch on the next row. You do not have to restitch this area but keep this in mind when you are working the rows of long and short stitch on the body to always follow the shape of the curve of the row and keep the long stitch to the middle of the next row.

You are doing great, post a picture after you have made the changes and done sections 1b and 1c.