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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Michele

What a beautiful stitching job you have done, everything has been stitched beautifully. You maintained a good angle and closeness of stitches on the dark brown satin stitch and the edges of satin stitch is really smooth. The toes are lovely, again a very good angle for the satin stitch which makes them look refined, the stitches are nice and close together so they look very smooth.

The split stitch lines on the cracks look great, good length of stitches keeping the shape of the lines, don’t forget to add the extra line of split stitch on the lower cracks on the branch as well (see picture). I don’t think I made it clear in the instructions because you’re the second person you hadn’t put them in so I will review the instructions and add a note.

You are good to continue on with the body of the bird, please email me a picture or post a picture on the forum when you done part of section 1a so that I can check that the angle of your stitches is correct and that the length are good, I anticipate they will be but just in case, you don’t want to get too far on the stitching and have to take out a lot of stitches.