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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Catherine

The sections look great! your stitches are nice and close together now, you only need to add one stitch at the bottom left-hand side of the row and there is a small space between the end of the stitches and the dark brown satin stitch which you should add a stitch to cover this space, I have circled where

Your stitches went off angle at the top of the row, please take out the last few stitches and re-work these stitches, I have drawn onto your embroidery the angle the stitches should be.

Please pay attention the length of your long stitches, they should go at least halfway into the 2nd row where some of yours went 1/3 of the way. The reason why we want the long stitches to go halfway is because when you work the 2nd row of long and short stitch you want to have plenty of stitches to choose from in the first row to get a good long and short stitch effect on the 2nd row, If your first row is a bit narrow will not have much room to do long short stitch on the 2nd row.

You can leave yours as it is but on your next row make sure your long stitch goes halfway into the third row.

Work a small part of the 2nd row and then post a picture please so that I can check the placement of your stitches.