Reply To: MM’s Acorn Pics


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Mary Moore

Thanks for emailing me the picture, I’m glad you didn’t go too far because your stitches are too short and you have stitched them at the slightly wrong angle. I have drawn onto your picture the length and angle that your stitches should be.

You will need to take out these stitches and re-stitch the section. Start in the middle or section 1a, work one stitch from the line and over the split stitch line and the other stitch from half-way in the 2nd row and over the split stitch line, It is best to start in the middle of the section rather than near the edge of a section because it’s easier to get the angle established on the section.

You were taking your stitches down on the inside of the split stitch lines and the split stitch line is still showing. The stitch line is not an outline, it is meant to be covered by the end of the stitches on the edge of the body so that the edge of the body is raised and smooth.

I am concerned about the blue and pink lines and marks that you draw onto your embroidery that some of the marks have gone on the outside of the design where there is no embroidery, I have circled where. Even if you have you used a water-soluble pen sometimes there is a shadow left by the ink once it’s washed so I would try not to go on the outside of the design with the pen.