Reply To: Angela’s progress


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Angela

You have the stitches nice and close together and a good angle, but they are not long enough.

In sections 1b and 1c you need to take one stitch from the pencil line dividing row 1 and row 3 and the other stitch from halfway into row 3. I have drawn onto your picture the location of where the stitches should be.

Your stitches are too short and what will happen is when you work row 3, the stitches in row 3 will overlap the stitches in row 1 and cover a lot of row 1. To get a good long and short stitch effect on row 3 is better that row 1 is wider.

It is best if you restitch sections 1b and 1c, with the length stitches shown on your picture below.