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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Jann

Thanks for posting your picture, I have deleted the other posts where the picture wasn’t the right size. You have your stitches nice and close together across the middle of the rows which is really good.

On section 1C the stitches were not placed in the position as per the instructions where the short stitch is work from the division line between row 1 and row 3 and the long stitch is halfway into row 3, I have drawn the stitches on your picture below to show where the stitches should be worked. If you have time you can re-stitch section 1C so the stitches are in the position as in the picture below.

If you don’t re stitch one section 1C your stitches in row 3 will be very long and you will also not get much difference between the long and short stitch on the right hand side the row because the stitches in section 1C were quite short so there’s not much room for you to do long short stitch and will cover a lot of section 1C – circled in blue

If you don’t want to restitch section 1C then you can go ahead and do the longer short stitches on row 3 and then on the next row you need to get back into working the stitches in the correct position as it will be easier to work the embroidery. Once you have completed row 3 please post a picture and I will draw on it onto your embroidery the position of where the stitches need to go on the next row which you can follow.

One other thing I want to mention is that you do not have much difference between the position of your long and short stitches where you split the stitches in row 2, I have circled the location to show you where below.

And in the picture below I have drawn onto your body the position of which the stitches could be worked and you’ll notice that there’s a big difference between their long and short stitch position, this will result in a more natural looking feathers on the bird and a better blended body.

I hope this information helps and please do not get discouraged you are doing great on many aspects of the embroidery and this is not an easy technique as there is a lot of components to it.