Reply To: Jill’s Progess



Hi Tanja,  For 1B: I did the section 414 like the 3rd & 4th photos on page 4 of the PDF so it was tapered and triangular.

The lightest section on the left (415) was done with the stitches splitting down into the 414 section.   I did the stitching coming up in row 3 and down into the stitches of the 414 section instead of over the split stitch line so they were shorter.

I was copying the last photo with the red circle.

I can easily take it out and redo it bringing the needle up and splitting the 414 stitches and taking the needle down into the fabric in row 3.  This would fit the logic of how long and short shading is done.

It is great to be able to get feedback on things that might seem picky because I know these types of details can be applied to long and short stitch projects in future.

The details in your explanation of Row 1 Long and Short Stitch pages 2 and 3 of the PDF Lesson 2 are exactly the keys that I needed to understand how to do long and short stitch in relation to the lines drawn within an element (petal or leaf working from the outside in or doing a bird or mouse working from the bottom towards the head).  And how to control the angle.   I was never sure from books I have and now I feel I will finally be able to do many of the Elsa Williams crewel kits (with lines for the rows preprinted on the fabric) and other kits (where I can now draw the lines for the rows myself) that I bought years ago.

Thank you, Jill