Reply To: Jill’s Progess



Hi Tanja,  I lowered my frame today so I hope that will help reduce the pain in my muscles which has prevented me being able to stitch.   I figured out it was the angle of the camera that made the 2nd and 3rd photos above emphasize the dent in the body where it meets the branch.  The first photo taken straight on is more realistic.

Do you take photos in progress and enlarge them to find areas you want to improve?  That is the only way I was able to notice the 3 spaces near the top of long stitch in 3 sections.  My next post shows that I filled them in.

I don’t know why the angle changed in the last section on the left of area 1b.  If you have any comment that would help.   I am not going to take it out but am curious.

Thank you, Jill