Reply To: Jill’s Progess



Hi Tanja,  I finished the second half (bottom half) of Row 3 for your feedback.

  1. On two light areas I had a high stitch next to high stitch of the next area.  I started each section in the middle with a high stitch and was able to have a low stitch next to a high stitch on one side but then on the other side would end up with too wide a space between two high stitches if I did not add another high stitch.  That last high stitch had to be next to the high stitch of the next color.

There was not room to put a low stitch between those two high stitches next to each other.

If I put in a stitch halfway between a high and low stitch it seemed that would leave too large a gap at the top.  That is why I put in a high stitch.

Should I have put in a 3/4 stitch instead of high stitch?

2. Following your advice it was easy to stitch the 822 area above that too short stitch in 414 at the left end of row 1b.   I think it worked out quite well because I did the 413 area on the left of the short stitch and the 822 area next to the 318 area so I only had to fill in the final gap with first 822 (and started with splitting the short stitch at the end instead of splitting in the middle of the section as I always have) and then all that was left was to fill in was the final 415 area.

3. I find the whole design amazing how you have provided us with charts and instructions so that we are able to stitch in rows like this and end up with such a realistic looking bird.   While it does take thought and careful planning to do the stitching, following your suggestions like doing all the 413 dark areas first etc. it became easier and felt good as I proceeded and understood more how to stitch a complex looking row in an organized manner.

Thank you, Jill