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Susan Sanchez

Hi Tanja,

Finished the eye, working on the French knots. I stitched and pulled out threads on the eye so many times the pupil looks a little fuzzy!  I embroidered my thread over the split stitch on the left of the beak, but perhaps I pulled my thread too tightly and that is why it looks like I missed going over the split stitches? I took this photo with a different light than the previous photo to see if it makes a difference.  Should I stitch over the last left stitches on the beak, to correct this?  I also smoothed the stitches on the top of the beak to see if the top two lines in the lighter color blend a bit better. The end two stitches still  look much lighter than the rest.  If this did not work I will try to stitch another row between the two lighter rows on top. Thank you as always for your suggestions and advice.