About My Kits

Which Kit Should I Get?

Designer: Tanja Berlin

My embroidery projects range from easy and relaxing, to technical and challenging. All projects are designed with consideration for quality of design and quality of instructions so that the embroiderer can reproduce embroideries that they will be proud of.

One of the hardest things can be deciding which design to do first. If you have never done embroidery before I suggest starting with a beginners kit to give you a foundation in the technique and to give you confidence to work the intermediate and advanced designs. This is especially important for the more challenging techniques such as needle painting/thread painting and blackwork.

If you had some experience in hand embroidery and are comfortable with following instructions then you can start with an intermediate design.

Designs in Hapsburg lace, Jacobean crewel, modern Jacobean, white work and shadow work range in size but the designs in each technique are similar in difficulty, so it does not matter which design you begin with.

Each of my goldwork designs have different techniques and threads so you will be doing something different on each project. You may want to start with a smaller design to see if you like goldwork.

The instructions that come with the kits are very thorough and written with the beginner mind, but just in case you have a question I offer free on-going critique with the purchase of each kit from my website. You can email me at any time if you have a question or with work-in-progress pictures of your work if you would like a critique of your embroidery.

For a fully immersed stitching experience I sell some of my designs with instructions and PDF files with colour work-in-progress pictures for working the design. These are the same PDF files that I provide when you take an on-line class with me and will give you an in-depth tuition of stitching the design.

I have listed these kits under Further Education and rated them:

Level 1: Beginners

Level 2: Intermediate

Level 3: Advanced

Level 4: Expert

I hope that you will be inspired by my designs which offer hours of fun stitching time and thank you for supporting designers like myself by purchasing my kits and patterns.

All kits and patterns purchased from my website are copyright material and for your personal use only, please do not share my kits and patterns with your friends or publish my designs on the internet, thank you,

Best wishes,