About My Website

Welcome to My Hand Embroidery Website

I’m Tanja Berlin and I design hand-embroidery kits for other embroidery enthusiasts to stitch, from my base in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

My embroidery projects range from easy and relaxing, to technical and challenging. All are designed with high-quality design and instruction in mind, so that the embroiderer can reproduce embroideries that will make them proud of the results.

I run online classes and further education kits for those who want to improve their stitching technique.

The threads, tools and supplies that I sell on my website are all items that I have used myself because I want to confidently vouch for their quality.

Please have fun exploring my website (it’s built so that it can be viewed easily on all devices). If you have any questions related to my products, please feel free to email me.

Thank you for supporting designers like me by purchasing my patterns and for not sharing, publishing or downloading illegally published patterns of my work.

All patterns purchased from this website are copyright material and for your personal use only.

Best wishes,