Free On-Going Critique

Would you like extra guidance when working one of my kits?

When you purchase one of my embroidery kits from my website you automatically become eligible for free on-going critique and free email correspondence.

Here’s how it works: As you work the embroidery and you feel you are at a point that you need some advice or an okay to continue you can email with questions or work-in-progress pictures of your embroidery. I will email you advice on what you have done so far, I will give you tips on changes necessary and positive feedback. I will even draw onto your embroidery picture if you need to make changes to the angle or length of your stitches or to indicate where there is a mistake in the stitching.

You continue working the embroidery, emailing pictures to me when you feel you need advice. You can also email me at any time if you have any questions about the kit that you are working on.

I hope you have fun working my kits, my kits come with excellent instructions but it is reassuring to know that you can contact me if you are unclear at any time and this also helps me to improve my instructions.

Best wishes,


Terms and Conditions

Free on going critique and email correspondence is only available for persons who have purchased one of my kits from this website.
There is no time limit or expiry date for the free ongoing critique or free correspondence. Take as long as you like to work one off my kits and still receive the benefits.