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Free Designs

Free Hand Embroidery Designs by Tanja Berlin

Please find below hand embroidery designs that I have released at no cost.

You are permitted to download the PDF file instructions and reproduce the embroideries for your own personal use.

No part of the text (instructions) photographs, illustrations or embroideries worked may be used for commercial purposes or profited from without prior permission from Tanja Berlin.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Goldwork Sampler Free Instructions

The goldwork sampler is a hand embroidery project. The sampler features four designs worked in metal threads ranging from easy to hard. I designed the sampler to use a lot of the different metal threads that are available.

I provide the instructions for free in the form of a PDF file with 45 pages of diagrams, colour pictures and instructions for working the sampler. You can use the sampler instructions to work the sampler or as a reference manual for sewing down metal threads. No part of the instructions can be used for commercial purposes or profited from or published without permission from Tanja Berlin.

You can order the free PDF file with instructions and purchase kits for the sampler on the following webpage:

Goldwork Sampler PDF File and Kits

Visit the following webpage for FAQS, pictures and descriptions of metal threads:

Metal Thread Information

Berlin Embroidery Designs is closed from Saturday 11th of August until Sunday 26th of August. During this time I will not be processing orders or returning telephone calls and only replying to emails periodically. I will be processing orders placed after the 26th of August, Tanja. Dismiss