Hi I’m Tanja Berlin and I design hand embroidery kits for other embroidery enthusiasts to stitch. I also sell hand embroidery supplies, needlework threads such as goldwork / metal threads and needlework tools that I use myself so I can testify to their quality.

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Wishing you a happy and healthy 2021!

Tanja and the Fluffies.

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Kit of the Month

I am offering two kits this month at a 25% discount.

For those looking forward to the winter months you can curl up in your favourite seat and work the Hapsburg Lace Snowflake Sampler.

For those looking forward to warm summer days and glorious flowers then I have the Purple Icicle Pansy needle painting embroidery.

Free Christmas Gift Wrapping

The holiday season is approaching. I recommend placing orders soon if you would like the order for Christmas as delivery times can be unpredictable in December.

I provide free gift wrapping with a greeting card when you are mailing to someone else. If you would like this service, please leave your note for the recipient which I will hand write in the greeting card in the “Additional Information” message box at the bottom of the check out page.

I also sell gift certificates that can be emailed directly to the recipient or purchaser. These can be emailed right up to Christmas day.

New: Blackwork Valais Blacknose Sheep Kit

The Blackwork Valais Blacknose sheep design is an intermediate to advanced design in my blackwork art embroidery kits.

The mountains are advanced level of blackwork embroidery as there is a lot of compensation of the blackwork patterns and changing the density of the pattern and thickness of the thread.

The sheep and grass are intermediate level blackwork embroidery. You can choose to have the two sheep standing in the grass and rocks without the mountains in the background, this will reduce the number of hours that you will spend stitching the embroidery.

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Metal Threads for Hand Embroidery

I supply a wide range of hand embroidery metal threads for goldwork embroidery in gold, silver and copper: Bullions, Check Thread, Flatworm, Gimp Cords, Grecian Twist, Jaceron, Japanese Threads, Licerine, Lurex, Milliary Wire, Passing Threads, Pearl Purl, Plate, Purl Threads, Rococco, Spangles, Tambour, Twisted Threads.

I am discontinuing Gold 2% WM Metal threads as the cost of the wire to make the threads has gone up by 40%. If you are a fan of the gold 2% threads I have threads available but once sold I will not be bringing in the threads again.

The gold 2% threads have 2% gold in the plating where as the gilt threads have 0.5% gold in the plating so the gold 2% threads tend to be a darker gold in appearance.

What my customers say about my kits

“I have wanted to do the fox for some time and found him to be one of my most enjoyable pieces to stitch”

Embroidered by Beryl Burnett in MB, Canada

 “There are some really unique thought processes you went through to figure out how to stitch him and have him look so real yet give him such character”

Embroidered by Cris Tilliss in CO, USA

“This was the first I did of Tanja’s patterns. It was amazing to see how blackwork gets without outlines. The explanations were very good and easy to follow.”

Embroidered by Sara Skaervik in Norway

“I loved working this bluebird and blossoms needlework kit. Since this was only my second needle painting project, the thorough and easy to follow instructions were a big help”

Embroidered by Stacey Tucker

“As a first time at Needle Painting, this took me a while to complete – but worth every stitch.”

Embroidered by Sheila McCoy in ON, Canada

“Tanja’s instructions are well written and easy to follow.  Because of this, I can no longer say I dislike goldwork!”

Embroidered by Wanda Paul in SK, Canada

“I just appreciated the opportunity to stitch the piece and learn how to incorporate blackwork in a non-traditional way.”

Embroidered by Nicole Gammie in NSW, Australia

“Excellent directions…quality materials, and more than enough to complete the project…the critique along the way was most helpful.”

Embroidered by Gertrude Myers in PA, USA

“What an interesting and satisfying project! I learned a lot and can’t wait to try the fur technique on another project that I have in mind.”

Embroidered by Margaret Cobleigh in CA, USA

 “The Carrickmacross Sampler is so well set up that once you complete the course samples you are prepared to do projects like the Quail”

Embroidered by Marion Brumwell in ON, Canada

“This was my first attempt with Blackwork. I fell in love with the piece the moment I saw it and had to give it a try. Looking forward to working on some more.”

Embroidered by Lyn Klaman in IL, USA

“I love this floral, it was fun and rewarding. I asked Tanja for help and she replied and on a Sunday! !! Great design and great designer”

Embroidered by Julie Welter in WI, USA

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