Reply To: MM’s Acorn Pics


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Mary

If you look at your last section of satin stitch between the feet, on the bottom edge of the satin stitch section, the stitches finish all on the design line in a nice smooth edge, whereas on the top edge of the satin stitch the stitches do not exactly sit in the same position along the design line so it looks irregular – occasionally one stitch goes slightly over the design line or one stitch will be on the design line and one stitch is on the inside of design line which creates an irregular edge.

Your bottom edge of the satin stitch section is likely smoother because it’s easier to see when you’re stitching down into the fabric as you can see where the needle goes, but when you have to bring the needle up on the design line it is harder so it takes a bit of playing around.

Students who have watched me stitch often comment how surprised they are that I cannot get the needle in the correct position the first time which is true even with all my experience I still poke around with the needle three or four times until I get exactly the right position for the stitch so that is exactly on the design line, it takes practice.