Reply To: MM’s Acorn Pics


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

I had a look at your embroidery, it’s coming on nicely a few things I want to mention, I have attached the pictures to clarify my points.

On the toes make sure you cover the split stitch line because the split stitch line is showing slightly on the bottom edge of the left toe on the left foot and wasn’t covered by the 2nd row of satin stitch on the toe.

On the left toe of the right foot you changed the angle of the stitches at the end of the toe, instead keep the angle of the stitches the same angle across the toe as it will look smoother. It means that there will be short stitches at the end of the toe.

With the split stitch cracks make sure you work a second line of split stitch against the first line nearest to the dark brown satin stitch as the crack would be wider where it meets the dark brown satin stitch also because when you work your French knots it will cover up some of the split stitch lines so it’s better if the cracks are a bit wider.

When working the split stitch line on curves work the split stitches slightly shorter to keep the shape of the curve and on that particular curve where the arrow is pointing you split the stitches very close to the end of the stitch so that it looks more like back stitch, split the stitch a bit further back into the stitch about an eighth of an inch and the transition between the two stitches will look smoother.

Please can you get the fabric a bit tighter in the frame, as is easier to work on when the fabric is tight and do not put your needle in the fabric like you have it as it will stretch the fabric and can leave hole marks in the fabric,

Hope this helps,