Reply To: MM’s Acorn Pics


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Magnifiers are dependent on the person who uses them, what I use may not you be good for someone else.

I think trying out different magnifiers is the best way to go, unfortunately this is not a good time to go into stores to try out magnifiers but Amazon does have a good return policy so that could be the way to go if you want to try out different magnifiers, but It sounds like you have a good one.

I don’t have much personal experience with trying out different magnifiers as I have not had to do so yet but in the classes that I have taught I have seen people use different magnifiers and the floor stand light with the magnifier seems to  work well for people as you can position the magnifier to the distance that you need from the embroidery.

The clip on ones I use has to be a specific strength for the person using it. My reading magnifier glasses are 2.25 strength and the clip on ones are 1.5 so a total of 3.75 strength, if I go up by 0.25 for the clip on magnifiers then it’s too strong for me and the image becomes blurry.

I would probably recommend the floor stand and magnifier for most people as it is two excellent things in one, good lighting and good magnification which you can adjust the position.

I am 49 and I notice that my eyesight is getting weaker as I get older, so I will invest in a floor lamp with magnifier later on.

A reason that I am good at critiquing peoples work is that I have had a lot experience in needle painting so I know the technique very well and can see a mistake and know how to adjust the stitching to improve the look.