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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Jann

The picture is the right size and your stitching is looking really good. You got a little bit short with your stitches in the dark brown section where I circled in pink, it means that when you get the body in and the French knots on the branch the satin stitch section will be quite narrow in places, so in the future if you can stay on design lines that would be really great.

Your split stitches are quite short on the cracks, they could have been a little bit longer as then the lines will look a bit smoother. The more stitches there are in a line, the more holes there are in the stitches where each stitch is split which causes a dimple which doesn’t look as smooth compared to fewer stitches in a line which has less dimples.

You do not have to take the split stitches out, just something to be aware of.