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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Catherine

Those stitches look really good, I’m not worried about the angle of the top stitch, but if you find that the stitches that you work above it do not fit him properly you can always take it out and re angle it.  You can continue with the 2nd row.

I would try and take out the stitches at the top, what I would do is cut the very end stitch and take out the stitches as far as you can, you may have a couple of short ends that you need to anchor.

You can sew over these ends onto the stitches at the back of the work with the new thread – if the ends are not long enough to thread into needle and finish off.

I am not concerned about how the back of the embroidery looks as long as you don’t have a lumpy mess on the back, Even if you did get a little bit of a raised back from oversewing the ends to the back of the work you can mount the embroidery on a piece of board with a piece of batting underneath which will make it look smooth.