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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

The picture is a good size,

Your stitches are nice and close together and a good angle but unfortunately the stitches are the wrong length. The short stitch should be worked from the division line between row one and two and taking over the split stitch line and the long stitch should be brought up halfway into the next row and taken over the split stitch line. I have drawn over your stitches to show you how long the stitches should be.

When the first row is quite narrow it means that when you bring the stitches in on the next row it will cover most of your first row and you won’t have much of the first row showing anymore.

You can leave the black section 1a but you will need to re-stitch the other sections.

The easiest method to take out the stitches is to turn the embroidery over and carefully cut the stitches at the back of the work taking care not to cut the fabric and pull out the stitches from the front of the work with tweezers.

Then work a few stitches in sections 1b and 1c so I can check that your stitches are the correct length.