Reply To: MM’s Acorn Pics


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

You are in good control of your angle now and the closeness of your stitches well done!

Do not worry about being far behind I could have spaced the lessons classes out further apart but there’s usually one person who’s a bit quicker than others so I make the lessons available close together.

As I say in my emails that I do not expect you to keep up with the lessons and you can work at your own pace. My on-classes are over a longer period of time than most tutors so that people can work at their own pace and not have to keep up, because if you rush, you won’t get such good results.

Pay more attention to the positioning of the stitches. The stitches on this row are all the same length even though they are called long and short stitch. The stitches alternate in position, so that the ends of the stitches look like long and short stitch. You have worked your stitches in long and short stitch instead of the same length stitches.

You have taken your stitches a little bit too far into the body this time, I have drawn onto your picture where the stitches should go to.

Can you take out these stitches and work them again and I will check?

It will get easier the more you stitch and I won’t have to keep checking your embroidery all the time but at the beginning I need to make sure that you’re on the right track so that you understand the technique and are successful.