Reply To: MM’s Acorn Pics



I am struggling with how far into the body to take the stitch.  If you don’t mind a suggestion, maybe if you did a broken line where the end of the stitch should go into the body, that would really help.  I think I mentioned early on I am a visual person and the directions I read for the 2nd row got me so confused, I had to take a break.  Then I looked at the black and white directions drawn in the instructions that came in the kit, and I knew exactly what you were describing.

I appreciate so much the speed with which you respond.

How often do you do online classes?  Even though I get a bit frustrated with the need for stitches to be close, I can certainly see the benefit once done properly.  I am using the 3/4 stitch more than I would like but find once I get the rhythm going, I get them close enough.

Mary Moore