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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Phillipa

Yes you can add stitches on top if you haven’t left enough room for the 822, you can slightly overlap those stitches you have already done. Sorry if the diagram is not exactly the same as the embroidery, it is hard to get it the same when your hand drawing the diagrams and the scale off the diagram is different.

At the end of the embroidery, I do add stitches to the body of the bird where I feel I want extra light or dark, there will be instructions in lesson 4 to this.

When you’re stitching the embroidery check the color picture before each row, this will get you in the frame of mind of deciphering a photo to an embroidery. When I stitch a embroidery I work from a photo of the bird and I have to decide what color to use on each row, if you can get this in in your mind when you were stitching the woodpecker that would be great because it will train your eye on how to translate a color picture into an embroidery.

The coloring doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the original embroidery as long as it’s balanced, no two stitched birds will come out the same so there’s no worries if the coloring on yours is different from the original as long as it looks well shaded.