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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Susan

The first row of long and short stitch looks really good!! Some of the long stitches could have been a little longer but I don’t think it’s going to affect the overall look of the embroidery.

I see that you lost your angle a bit at the top of the row, but you did a great job of getting the angle back to the to the correct angle well done! you don’t need to restitch his area, changing the angle and getting it back actually gives the embroidery more character.

I am also cursed with knotting threads. It happens to me mostly when I am in a hurry to stitch the embroidery. What you are doing is correct by twisting the thread back up, or in my case untwisting the thread by letting it hang as I have a tendency to twist the thread tighter as I stitch.

If it was a beaded embroidery or Goldwork I would suggest waxing the thread as this helps but I don’t want you to wax the thread on this project as it changes the color of the thread.

You are good to continue with the next row, you can post a picture when you have done a little bit row 2 so I can check the position of your stitches.