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Hi Tanja,  You explained to Mary Moore to split back about an eighth of an inch whereas the instructions on page 6 say ‘about 1/16th of an inch (2 mm)’.

This is your feedback to Mary Moore –

‘When working the split stitch line on curves work the split stitches slightly shorter to keep the shape of the curve and on that particular curve where the arrow is pointing you split the stitches very close to the end of the stitch so that it looks more like back stitch, split the stitch a bit further back into the stitch about an eighth of an inch and the transition between the two stitches will look smoother.’

I have been doing my branches 1/4 inch long as 1/2 inch seemed far too long to fit.  And splitting I hope about 2 mm or 1/16th inch.

Also one more question – I think I am splitting twice in some stitches – going up the crack then sometimes back down for example when doing the second stitch near the branch base to make the crack wider.  But also other places I think.  I hope this ok.

(I am turning the frame over and threading through to travel as you explained.)

Thank you, Jill