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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Catherine

Below are some comparisons pictures to show you what I mean.

The picture below (from page 2 on the PDF file of lesson 3) shows the finished row 8 and 9 on the forehead of the bird, the arrow shows the small triangle shape that is left for the dark grey to go into later.

You left a much bigger triangle shape for the dark Gray I have drawn the design lines on your embroidery picture so it is more obvious. Sorry the instruction booklet shows a slightly bigger gap than color pictures in the PDF file but not as big as the gap that you have left.

This is where you worked your stitches too.

If you leave the stitching as it is, you will not have much red showing on the top of the head when the grey has been worked on page six of the PDF file lesson 3. The dark grey stitches on the left of that section are worked on top of the red that is already there.