Reply To: Jill’s Progess


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Jill

Sorry to hear about your muscle pain that makes it hard to stitch.

I was going to mention that the last few stitches on the left-hand side of row 1b lost the angle, they do not line up with the pencil direction lines on the body. As the stitches get shorter it is hard to control the angle,

Do not end the row with a short stitch like you did as it could be hard to split the split nicely with the stitch on the next row, it is better to leave a space here and work the stitches in the next row a bit longer. Or make the last stitch longer if you require the color in that area.

I hold my embroidery up to a light source to locate the spaces between my stitches in the row rather than photographing it and then enlarging the picture.