Reply To: Jill’s Progess



Hi Tanja,  The stitches in my Row 1bs were so short, that Row 3 at the top ended up very close to the outer edge and I was not able to stagger the stitches much.  And at the top of 1b a stitch was so short there was a space with nothing to split.   Your 1b seems to have more width and more fullness (more stitches and closer together) so your Row 3 at the top looks so much better than mine.

I really  like how you fanned out the bottom of the two areas in color 317 in Row 3 (PDF page 9 first two photos) but I just followed the pencil lines on mine and the chart on page 27 so it is not as nice as yours.  But there was enough to concentrate on without trying to make shape adjustments.

Thank you for your last feedback above that I can follow when doing the bottom of Row 3.