Reply To: Jill’s Progess



Hi Tanja,  Thank you so much for your feedback.  I would feel I was stitching along nicely although slowly almost getting a rhythm and was surprised how many times I would start an area and have to start over as after about 3 stitches I would realize I had reversed where to put the needle in – at the design line or halfway into the next row.

But it is getting easier to split the stitches and not have my needle come up in a space between threads.   This afternoon, my Ott light magnifier accidently rotated and I discovered after all these years that where it joins the lamp stand it can be adjusted to a better angle and it also means I can put the lamp in a better position so there isn’t glare and heat.  I always thought it was strange not to be designed to move but it was so stiff that I thought it would break if I tried to move it.

I can see a lot better and sit straighter and it is so much better having finally found a comfortable way to stitch.  I use a Grippit stand for the stretcher bars and lowering it a few days ago helped a lot but the Ott light and magnifier positioning has made it all even better.   It was so much better that I was surprised to find that I had done the very top section with my computer glasses and not even noticed that I was not wearing my reading/stitching glasses.