Reply To: Establishing Angle



Hi Tanja,  Thanks so much for your explanations.  It was wonderful to see in your instructions that it doesn’t matter what stitch we split into.

It makes sense that all the books draw the diagrams for long and short stitch making it appear that there is a specific way to split the stitches but I don’t remember ever seeing a book go beyond the basic explanation (matching the diagram) that the specific way to split it is only for the purposes of the diagram .

The extra information you have given us makes it so much easier to do long and short stitch.

Even in crewel where the wool stitches are larger, it was so hard to try and split stitches like the diagrams in books.  It was easy to do it in the first practise square with the stitches all going vertically that the books all have for the first exercise (actually tapestry shading) but as soon as I’d try to do petals on a rose or even a simpler flower I’d get stuck and give up.

I find your online classes so helpful with the details re-emphasized in your feedback to students.   The questions students ask and the photos they post followed by your answers and feedback (affirming that a photo shows good technique or lines drawn on showing where to improve) are very helpful.  I was able to do the top of Row 3 easily because I had seen your explanation and drawing of the sneaky stitch on Phillipa’s.

The class website is really well designed with the various sections and each student having a section to post their progress.  I like the way the system moves the most recently posted progress (and feedback) to the top of the list in the students’ progress section.  It has been really easy to follow the progress of the other students.