Reply To: Stitches Too Short


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Jill

The landscape was a different project so it’s hard to compare, like you said it was worked on the horizontal so it’s different from working in natural long and short stitch and it was worked on a smaller scale so you had to work shorter stitches which was more consistent with the rest of the embroidery on the landscape.

Short stitches at the end of a row on the woodpecker is not consistent with the rest of the stitches on the row. If you think about nature you would not have a very short feather on the side of the body.

So instead of working a really short stitch at the end of the row you can leave a space even if the row is not complete and fill in the space when you come to do the next row.

It does come down to artistic interpretation as well because other painting designers do use very short stitches to stitch their needle paintings and you end up with a different look, when you do more needle painting yourself you will start to see what works for you.