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Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Susan

When you have stitched a section of the embroidery and you have some of that color thread leftover, instead of finishing the thread off, you park the thread to one side so that you can use it again later on, (like you park the car and come back to it after an errand).

I like to bring the needle and thread up either in the body of the bird or on the edge of the embroidery frame to the top of the work so that it is out of the way off the section that you are stitching on, instead of leaving the thread hanging at the back of the work because the thread can get caught up in the stitches when you are working the embroidery.

So that you can keep track of the thread color you can pin the parked needle and thread onto a piece of paper and write the color number on it so you remember what it is for later on. Use a new needle to continue with the stitching, and then when you need to use the parked thread again you can put the needle back down the same hole in the fabric that you came up in and continue stitching. You may need to run the needle and thread behind the stitches at the back of the work to get yourself into position for stitching the section you are working on.