Reply To: Stitch Tension


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Susan

Thanks for your question, I had to go back and look at other the other student’s birds to compare ?

You are a very smooth stitcher which is excellent. Every stitch is precisely put in place which makes for a smoother quality to the bird and it is actually your own personal style so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Your stitch tension is fairly tight but this will likely loosen up as you do more stitching as mine did after a few needle painting projects.

Each student does have their own style of stitching and this style can change overtime, you can play with the length of the stitches but I wouldn’t go too short because then you end up with rows looking like a bands across the body instead of blended rows. Your long and short stitches are very well blended that you cannot tell where one row of long and short stitch begin and one ends and that is exactly what you want in this embroidery you want to look at it and see feathers are not sections or rows of stitches.

I would do more stray stitches like we did with the three white stitches on the body were they were slightly off angle this will give you the fluffy look, (page 15, lesson 2 PDF) I don’t think you need to add more of these off angle stitches into your embroidery now because it will be hard to make it look consistent but when you work on your next long and short stitch bird or animal you can implement more of those slightly off angle stitches.