Reply To: Parking Threads



Hi Tanja,  If you can’t get the thread back through the hole do you just leave it on the needle and end up with a tiny stab stitch?

I had thought if it would not go through the hole, I had to take it off the needle and pull it through from the back and rethread the needle.   But today I came across this on page 61 of Thread Painting and Silk Shading by Margaret Dier (and RSN grad) when one wants to use a thread that has been parked on top of the fabric.

‘When you need it again try and go back down the same hole by pulling it a little and putting the needle in the hole formed – however, that does not happen every time and you will just get a tiny stab stitch forming.  This is correct as you will see throughout the book, lots of little dots on unworked areas.’

Her photos have these dots but I could see any obvious ones in your PDFs only what look like the pairs of stab stitches we do to start and end a thread.

Thank you, Jill