Pictures of Hamster Embroideries Stitched by Students

Jimmy the Hamster Embroideries Worked by On-Line Class Students

“Once again, I have completed an on-line class and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The instructions were excellent.  I like having all the instructions for one class in such detailed, step-by-step format. I can follow along in logical order, unlike a regular class where everything jumps from section to section in order to learn as much as possible in a shortened teaching time.

I did not get confused following the on-line instructions. I also think that it is very important to  take advantage of the opportunity for input from Tanja by posting pictures for her assesment.

The constructive critiques that are returned quickly really make a difference.”

Stitched by Cathy Cormier in Ontario, Canada

Jimmy the Hamster Instructions

“It was a great pleasure for me doing needle painting in a small scale.

Tanja has well prepared photo and text lessons in combination with supporting comments on a special forum for all the participants.”

Stitched by Barbara in Goettingen, Germany

Jimmy the Hamster Instructions

“I truly enjoyed completing Jimmy the Hamster.

Tanja’s extensive instructions and plentiful photographs make it possible to get a great result, and her personal ongoing critique is invaluable.

Thanks so much for the kits, instructions, and the opportunity to learn such a beautiful needlework technique!”

Embroidered by Tana Dixon, Odessa, TX USA

Jimmy the Hamster Instructions

“Taking this online class and completing my hamster was such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I learned so many things and had such fun stitching my hamster.

Tanja’s instructions are extremely detailed and are very easy to follow. The online class forum is invaluable.  You not only get personal helpful advice and encouragement from Tanja quickly, you are also able to learn from the other students’ questions and pictures.

Thank you Tanja for teaching such a rewarding and fun class!”

Embroidered by Anita Gross in Ohio, USA

Jimmy the Hamster Instructions

“Jimmy the Hamster was a fun project. It took me a little longer than I planned, but I am happy how he turned out. I really enjoyed the project, Tanja’s instructions are excellent, extremely detailed and easy to follow.

Embroidered by Lisa Kampel in Alberta, Canada

Jimmy the Hamster Instructions

“There are some really unique thought processes you went through to figure out how to stitch him and have him look so real yet give him such character.

A great learning experience!”

Embroidered by Cris Tilliss in Colorado, USA

Jimmy the Hamster Instructions

Hamster Embroidered by Julie Wooley in NSW, Australia

Jimmy the Hamster Instructions

If you have stitched one of my designs, I would love to feature a picture of your embroidery on my website.

If you would like your embroidery picture on my website please email me with a picture of your embroidery and optional comment, thanks, Tanja.