Pictures of Pansy Embroideries Worked By On Line Class Students

Pansies Embroideries Worked by On-Line Class Students

“This was my first attempt at needle painting and I was really pleased with the results.  Tanja’s instructions were really detailed and explained the technique really well.

Her feedback on the work in progress was extremely helpful and greatly improved the look of the finished pansy.”

Stitched by Rona Arkley in the United Kingdom

Purple Pansy Kit

“This was a great class.  Enjoyed learning this technique and am anxious to take another thread painting class to improve my technique.”

Stitched by Debbie Henz in CA, USA

Purple Pansy Kit

“I really enjoyed stitching my Purple Pansy and am proud of the results.  Participating in the on-line class was a good learning experience for me.  The instructions were so well written that I felt I had Tanja at my elbow with each stitch.  Although I would not miss a chance to take a class with a teacher I often find I have trouble keeping up and sometimes go home confused.  With the on-line format I was able to work at my own pace and refer back to the instructions and pictures when I needed extra help.

Through tips, tricks and instructions I learned how to work easily with my frame clamped to a table, how to stitch using both hands, the correct angle of the needle to place the stitch in exactly the right spot, how to use a ruler when needed to help control the angle of the stitches, and how to compensate (“sneaky stitch”) so that my flower petals would not become fans!  I now feel confident to tackle other thread painting projects.

Stitched by Cathy Cormier in Ontario, Canada

Purple Pansy Kit

“I thoroughly enjoyed this purple pansy on-line course and learned more than I can ever put into words. I have not done crewel-type work in 30 years and this was my first attempt at getting back to it. Tanja’s instructions and supportive and caring attitude and email messages made all the difference for me. So, too, did the comments from the other students. I felt as if I was in a workshop environment with friends and colleagues. Now I’d like to try another course and work on my skills.

Thanks, Tanja, for a wonderful experience. I even find myself looking at real pansies with an entirely different eye.

Stitched by Harriet Alonso in NY, USA

Purple Pansy Kit

“Fabulous way to learn and to perfect your shading, stem stitch, and long and short stitch.  Tanja provides detailed instructions and helpful critiques.

Stitched by Kimberly Kertis in Tennesse, USA

Purple Pansy Kit

“I really loved doing the Purple Pansy online course – the first online course I’ve ever taken. Long & short has intimidated me for many years. I now know that, although it may take me many more to master it, I’ll enjoy the journey.

Tanja Berlin prepared a clearly presented, do-able course. She expertly guided me through the lessons; and was always there to answer my questions, give encouragement and point out how and where to improve my work. Thank you!.

Stitched by Ruth Mills in Ontario, Canada

Purple Pansy Kit

“Thanks for the wonderful way you teach in the kits, I really think there are easy to follow even if I my english is not that good.

Stitched by Manuela Miorelli in Italy

Purple Pansy Kit

“The Purple Pansy class was my second online class with Tanja and that helped me feel more confident attempting this challenging technique!

She provides thorough instruction with photos that really make it seem as if she is there helping her students through the course. For this class, I would recommend good magnification and an excellent light source.

Stitched by Kirin Wiley in NC, USA

Purple Pansy Kit

If you have stitched one of my designs, I would love to feature a picture of your embroidery on my website.

If you would like your embroidery picture on my website please email me with a picture of your embroidery and optional comment, thanks, Tanja.