Pictures of Pendants Made By Students

Pendants Made by On-Line Class Students


“Tanja’s intricate pendant design is very interesting to stitch and she showed us how to make our pendants unique.

Tanja is a top-notch teacher and following her videos gave me confidence.  I am delighted with having accomplished this, my first goldwork project, and what I learnt will help me in all my embroidery projects.

My friends think my pendant is beautiful and amazing.  I encourage anyone to try one of Tanja’s online classes or her further education kits in any technique and have fun.

Stitched by Jill in Alberta, Canada

Metal Thread Pendant Swirl Kit


“This is another enjoyable class with Tanja Berlin!  I have taken Embroiderer’s Guild of America National Seminar classes from Tanja Berlin.   She is an outstanding designer and teacher.  When I saw this pendant class on her website…I was compelled to register.

The enjoyment of learning a new technique, using unknown materials, plus stitching a beautiful design by Tanya is a win win situation.  Making the pendant was fun and it gave immediate satisfaction. The step by step video presentation was calming to watch. The written instructions are excellent and accurate to the videos.

The final project is lovely and I wear it often. What a great way to learn a new technique. Since the class, I have made several additional pendants.  Thank you Tanja.

Stitched by Ann Bergman in Illinois, USA

Metal Thread Pendant Swirl Kit


“Just wanted to say thank you for the on line pennant swirl class. I really was out of my stitching comfort zone, but with you guiding me with your prepared videos, documentation, pictures and current class “chats” , I was able to persevere.  Afterall, I had to use glue – do you have any idea how afraid some people are of using glue on a stitching project?

The videos and the documentation developed for your class were outstanding!  The videos were well done – easy to see what you were doing/describing and not filled with idle chit chat.  As a student, I could print out what I needed and yet help save the trees by just viewing other instructions on line.

And then there was the personal help – I would send you a picture and you would explicitly show me how to improve the piece with clear descriptive narrative and an arrow pin pointing the place in question. That you cared enough to spend your personal time to help me was really special.  I will keep reviewing your website and look forward to our next adventure.

Stitched by Lynn Blattman in Ohio, USA

Metal Thread Pendant Swirl Kit


“I am extremely pleased with how my pendant turned out and have received many compliments about it.

Tanja’s expert guidance and detailed, easy to follow instructions and video tutorials enabled me to thoroughly enjoy this project and complete it with ease as it was my very first metalwork embroidery experience.

I highly recommend Tanja’s class and look forward to participating in another one soon!

Stitched by Catherine Dennis in Ontario, Canada

Metal Thread Pendant Swirl Kit


“I really enjoyed stitching the little Pendant project. Even though I am not a beginner, I learned new things about manipulating coloured pearl purl, working on felt, and making up the final pendant.

The instructions are clear, easy to follow and the videos are invaluable. I get lots of compliments when I wear my pendant.

Stitched by Ruth Mills in Ontario, Canada

Metal Thread Pendant Swirl Kit


“Having enjoyed the introduction to metal thread embroidery cyber class so very much, I wish to thank you.  As always your very thoroughly detailed and complete notes were tremendously useful.

However, it was your attentive and nearly immediate online presence in the class which made it so successful.  Your suggestions in the critiques never fail to improve the work.

I wear my pendant as a center piece button on a cape/jacket and it always draws interest from fashionistas and other makers alike.

From start to finish this class and the pendant were a wonderful experience. Thank you.

Stitched by Becky Monk in Ontario, Canada

Metal Thread Pendant Swirl Kit


“The kit materials were packaged and clearly labeled. The instructions were well written and the videos were extremely helpful.

The hardest part was waiting for the glue to dry. I enjoyed stitching this piece and I get many compliments when I wear it. I look forward to more online classes from Tanja.

Stitched by Diane Snyder in Ohio, USA

Metal Thread Pendant Swirl Kit

“I really enjoyed making this pendant. Received lots of compliments on the finished pendant. Also, the video really helped. I would stitch with the video and the project flew along.

Your directions and video are really top notch. I have been stitching for many years, and your projects are the best explained/taught that I have done.

Stitched by Robin Strecker in Virginia, USA

Metal Thread Pendant Swirl Kit

If you have stitched one of my designs, I would love to feature a picture of your embroidery on my website.

If you would like your embroidery picture on my website please email me with a picture of your embroidery and optional comment, thanks, Tanja.