Pictures of 2-Sided Embroideries by Customers

2-Sided Embroidery Pictures by Customers

Apple Blossoms 2-Sided Embroidery

“I was surprised to find that this embroidery was done in pearl cottons, and could be finished in a reasonable amount of time.

Loved the soft green and pink tones used.

Tanja taught it to our guild as a class….we are very lucky to have her working in Calgary, and a member of the Calgary Guild of Needle and Fibre Arts.”

Stitched by Nancy Shamanna in Alberta, Canada

Blossom Branch 2-Sided Embroidery Kit

Tropical Bird 2-Sided Embroidery

“Due to the quality of the instructions, this  silk embroidery has been quite easy and quick to achieve, the silk fabric and the threads are the most comfortable I have ever seen, and make every stitch a pleasure ”

Stitched by Christine Guillemain in France

Tropical Bird 2-Sided Embroidery Kit

Tropical Bird 2-Sided Embroidery

“Thank you Tanja for your brilliant teaching (BATB Adelaide Australia) and patience which enabled me to complete the tropical two sided embroidery.

I really did enjoy the challenge and I am very happy with my finished piece of embroidery which now holds pride of place in my home.

My friends are amazed with the sequences (spangles)  and the fine detail of the embroidery being the same on both sides”

Stitched by Judy Italiano in Australia

Tropical Bird 2-Side Embroidery Kit

Tropical Flower 2-Sided Embroidery

“The two-sided embroidery technique is a new challenge but is not as difficult as people might first think, and the results are spectacular! I had never worked with silk thread on silk background fabric, and that combination has such a wonderful feel in the hand as you are working the design.

The way I finish the piece mounted on flat glass, the most decorative side is actually the “back” side of the piece as worked! People are amazed at the finished embroidery and will think you are a genius. You can’t go wrong with Tanja’s excellent written instructions for this technique”

Stitched by Tana Dixon in Texas, USA

Tropical Flower 2-Sided Embroidery Kit

Tana Dixon has very nicely written instructions on how she mounted her 2-sided embroideries so they can be viewed from both sides. A string could also be attached from the trim and the embroidery hung.

“I ordered a 6″ round replacement clock face from an Ebay seller. You want the smoothest glass edge possible. The first glass I ordered was better than the second one, but at any rate, you must handle the cloth as delicately as possible through the mounting process or else the glass edge will cut at and weaken the fibers (and work carefully for your fingers’ sake, too!).

Cut the background fabric of the embroidered piece with enough margin for a narrow handkerchief-type hem plus about 3/8″ allowance. (On the Holly, I only had 1/8″ and on the Flower I had 1/2″). Tip: cut a prototype circle first to measure against the glass to make sure that you calculated correctly; once you cut the background fabric, you are stuck with your measurements! Stitch the narrow hem by hand.

Then run a line of basting stitches just inside the narrow hem around the circle of the piece leaving several inches on each thread end to draw up the thread. Distribute the material evenly around the circle, stretching the material taut onto the glass. I stretched mine with the back of the piece showing through the glass. (This process is a bit fiddly and takes some patience!) When evenly distributed, tie a knot securely in the basting stitch thread ends and cut close to the knot.

Take a novelty trim and slip stitch to cover the edge of the finished background fabric from the outside edge of the glass to the inner fabric edge”

Tropical Flower 2-Sided Embroidery

“Who would have thought this technique Tanja taught to our Guild would prove to be less daunting than anticipated?”

Stitched by Carmelle Mondor in SK, Canada

Tropical Flower 2-Sided Embroidery Kit

Tree Frog Shadow Work Embroidery

“This was my first attempt at shadow work, and also my first attempt at double-sided embroidery.

This is a good technique for an amphibian – from the front the hazy look suggests he is in water, and from the back the more vivid

Stitched by Silvia in United Kingdom

Tree Frog Shadow Work Embroidery Kit

If you have stitched one of my designs, I would love to feature a picture of your embroidery on my website.

If you would like your embroidery picture on my website please email me with a picture of your embroidery and optional comment, thanks, Tanja.