Reply To: Kristin’s progress


Berlin Embroidery Designs – Tanja Berlin

Hi Kristin

The woodpecker looks absolutely fantastic.

When I have completed an embroidery, I will stand the embroidery up and stand about 3 feet away from it and look to see if anything stands out, this is when I decide whether I need to add in stitches to change the shape of an area or give a bit more light or dark in an area.

I’d like to give you some tips that I would do if it was my embroidery just to to make the embroidery look polished, you can decide whether you want to do these extra stitches or not, as it comes down to personal taste.

I would add stitches across the top of the head in between the stitches you have already stitched as I think the top of the head looks a little flat. The red stitches are work from the outside of the design and taken down between two stitches already worked in the color uses for the first row of long and short stitch on the head.

The top edge of the beak is a little uneven so I would add two split stitches.

The white section above the beak for me the stitches are just a little bit too far apart and it gives it a bit of a liney affect. I would add single stitches in between the stitches as shown on the picture working the stitches from top splitting the stitches of the black and taking the stitches down between two white stitches at the bottom of this section.

If the added stitches do not look good you can always remove them.

The birds eye has a nice shape and looks realistic.

The French knots look good.

I would love to see the picture when it is complete. Before you photograph the embroidery, take a piece of sticky tape and go over the embroidery removing any lint pieces, you should do this before you frame the embroidery too because if you have the embroidery framed by a framer they don’t always think to do this.

I have free instructions on how to mount your own embroidery ready for framing on the following page of my website, if you would like to mount the embroidery yourself: