Pictures of Red Fox Embroideries Worked By Students

Pictures of Red Fox Embroideries Worked by On-Line Class Students

“I loved stitching my fox with the expert guidance from Tanja. I went from being unsure of how long the stitch should be, where to place the stitch and how to change direction to feeling confident to add an extra stitch here and there if needed.

The thrill I had when I completed the fox was over whelming and I think the best comment I received was from my sister-in-law “how did you stitch the glass eye in” and I replied “it’s not a glass eye it is stitched”. This summed up just how amazing needle painting is and I am keen to start a new project. Thank you Tanja.

Stitched by Heather Bryant in Auckland, New Zealand

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“I have really enjoyed this on-line thread painting class.  With Tanja’s help, advice and support I have finished my fox and am proud of the result.  I like the on-line class format because I can work at my own pace with a realistic deadline.

Stitching an animal was a huge learning curve for me and I really feel I learned a lot about technique and gained confidence with shading colours.  It was fun!  Thanks Tanja.

Stitched by Cathy Cormier in Ontario, Canada

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“A delightful online class that enabled me to further my skills in Thread Painting thanks to the wonderful feedback and support of Tanja and the positive critiques and encouragement to all students.  An experience I am eager to continue.

Stitched by Elizabeth Finn in Queensland, Australia

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

Stitched by Odette Gaudet in New Brunswick, Canada

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“I really enjoyed learning the techniques described in the tutorials.  It makes for a more realistic needle painting which I love.

Stitched by Diane Gershman in New Manitoba, Canada

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“I enjoyed the on line class and positive feedback to help me complete him. I am happy with the end result and he will hang framed next to my Wild Rabbit, another one of Tanja’s creations that I completed.

Stitched by Margaret Grigsby in Victoria, Australia

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“I had done some small, thread painted animals previously and had worked from nose to tail. When I saw that the technique for the Red Fox was to work in the opposite direction, it seemed to make more sense. I’m so happy I took the class.

The directions and illustrations are wonderfully detailed. I feel confident now that I can adapt what I have learned to stitching my cats.

Stitched by Christine Harris in West Virginia, USA

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“The Red Fox class was a lot of fun. When I was recovering from an illness it helped motivate me to get up each morning because I had something positive to focus on.

I loved the challenge of seeing thread turn into fur.

I also appreciated how patient Tanja was as I was learning this new aspect of thread painting. Thank you Tanja!  Don’t be surprised if I show up in other classes of yours :).

Stitched by Gail Jones in CA, USA

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“My red fox was worked following Tanja’s instructions and comments . I am pleased with my first needle painted animal and I learnt a lot from her excellent on-line class. Dorothy.

Stitched by Dorothy Lewin in the United Kingdom

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“I found embroidering the red fox a real challenge, but with the help and encouragement from Tanja, every step of the way, I did it, I am pleased with the way he turned out and the course has given me the skills and confidence to try other projects, I am so pleased I signed up for the course, it was money very well spent.

Stitched by Kelvin Martin in the United Kingdom

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“This was a challenging but very enjoyable project. Tanja’s instructions and guidance really helped me. It took much longer to do than I anticipated but I was determined to get it right. The end result is a little different from the original but I’m delighted with it.

Stitched by Elizabeth Meakin in Australia

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“I tried a needle painting kit on my own but wasn’t getting the stitches quite right. This is the third online class I’ve taken with Tanja, but the first needle painting class, and it was great! I have a much better feel for the technique–Tanja’s ongoing critique and encouragement helped me create a beautiful image that I’m looking forward to displaying.

I cannot recommend Tanja’s classes enough! It’s been so great to try my hand at different embroidery styles with beautiful designs and fantastic feedback.

Stitched by Kerry Snyder in MA, USA

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“Although I had done some needle painting before I had never embroidered an animal, so this was quite a challenge. However, I stitched a little each day, sending photos to Tanja regularly. Her responses were always prompt, constructive and detailed, and definitely improved the standard of my stitching.

I am really pleased with my fox, and a bit surprised that he turned out as well as he did! Thank you, Tanja, for an inspirational class.

Stitched by Sally Wade in the United Kingdom

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

“Tanja is a wonderful artist and teacher who shares her amazing talent with the world through her online classes, thank you!.

Stitched by Julie Wooley in NSW, Australia

Red Fox Needle Painting Kit

If you have stitched one of my designs, I would love to feature a picture of your embroidery on my website.

If you would like your embroidery picture on my website please email me with a picture of your embroidery and optional comment, thanks, Tanja.