Pendant Swirl Online Class Forum

Pendant Swirl Online Class Forum

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The pendant swirl online class forum will run from Friday 19th of April until Sunday 12th of May.

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Class Details:

The Metal Thread Pendant Swirl online class is suitable for all levels of stitchers.

The pendant embroidery is worked by sewing down strands of pearl purl which is a coiled metal thread, the stitches are hidden in the coils of the thread. In-between the lines of pearl purl are sections of check purl chips (soft metal beads).

I am offering the pendant class forum free from Friday 19th of April until Sunday 12th of May to test out the new online class forum and to give you a taste on how I run my online classes.

The purpose of the online class is to get extra support and guidance from me as you work your pendant. As you stitch your pendant you can post work-in-progress pictures on the forum and I will comment on how you are doing and whether you need to make any changes. I like to post the pictures with the critique on the forum as it is very beneficial to all participants taking the online class to review and apply to their own work. You do not have to participate in the critique if you do not want to.

You may also post questions on the forum about the working of the pendant. Your questions and my answers can be seen by all participants.

And there will be videos of tips on how to handle the pearl purl as you sew it down.

The forum is easy to use all you need to do is create an account on my website when you check out and the class forum will show in your account. Please write down your password when you set up your account so you can easily login and view the forum.

The online class forum will open for posting pictures and question on Friday 19th of April.

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